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A seminar for youth representatives "Youthful Heart to the Party, Building a New Era"

On May 5, the School of Electrical Engineering held  a seminar on "Youthful Heart to the Party,  Building a New Era" in i-Harbor. Prof. Deliang Liang, the secretary of the Branch CPC of the School, attended the seminar.

On behalf of the branch CPC of the School, Prof. Liang extended holiday greetings to all young students and teachers. He recalled President Xi's words to the youth on different occasions, saying that young people are the future hope of China and should firmly listen to the Party and follow the Party. He pointed out that the young students and faculty in the School are excellent and lucky. In the context of the unprecedented changes of the century, they should strive hard to integrated the national dream into their personal dream. They should strive to overcome the "neck bottle" problem for the country and to make more contributions to the country.

The youth representatives spoke from their own situations and talked about the responsibility and mission that they have experienced in the research process.