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SRISEE 2022 was held successfully

On Nov. 13, 2022 Silk Road International Symposium on the Cooperation and Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application of Electrical Engineering (SRISEE 2022) which was organized by the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and Xi’an Jiaotong University, was held at the i-Harbor and Online. The symposium was hosted by the National Center for Schooling Development Programme, and it is supported by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. Academicians and authoritative experts in the field of electrical engineering from more than 10 countries, including China, USA, UK, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Korea, India, etc., were invited to give speeches during the symposium. The topic of the Symposium is to explore international cooperation in higher education, scientific and technological development and industrial transformation in the field of electrical engineering aiming at the new power system construction.
The symposium was broadcast live simultaneously on Siyuan and Bilibili website, and about 26,500 people watched it online.

Liu Wenfeng, Vice Dean of School of Electrical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, presided over the opening ceremony. The chairman of the conference, Prof. Bu Chaohong, Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. She introduced to the guests the achievements of Xi'an Jiaotong University in the international cooperation between industry, academia, research and application on the Silk Road, and explained the vision of international cooperation of Xi'an Jiaotong University in the integration of industry and education and scientific and technological innovation. She said that facing the challenges brought by the construction of new power systems, Xi'an Jiaotong University would continue to aim at the national strategic needs and the requirements of sustainable economic development, innovate the mode of cultivating talents, strengthen the international cooperation in the field of electrical engineering, and solve the problems faced together with international partners.

Mr. Baoping Liu, senior inspector from Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, said that SRISEE is an important platform to expand "the Belt and Road" international education cooperation and communication. He affirmed the outstanding contributions made by XJTU to the economic construction and development of Shaanxi and even the west of China. He pointed out that we should face a higher historical position and a broader international prospect, promote the continuous innovation of talent training mode, and promote the common development of human society to a new level under the "the Belt and Road" initiative.

Prof. Giulino NOCI, vice president of Politecnico di Milano, and Mr. Jing Zhao, Chief Strategy Officer of TBEA addressed in the opening ceremony.

Prof. Jinjun Liu, from XJTU, hosted the plenary session. Seven academicians and experts in the field of electrical engineering presented wonderful lectures respectively. They are Prof. Dushan Boroyevich, member of the US National Academy of Engineering, from Virginia Tech. University, USA; Prof. Ziqiang Zhu, fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, from University of Sheffield, UK; Prof. Yilu Liu, member of the US National Academy of Engineering, from University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA; Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, from Aalborg University, Denmark, former vice-president of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences; Prof. Zhongdong Wang, vice president of University of Exeter, UK; Prof. Sergio Pignari, from Politecnico di Milano, Italy; and Prof. Xu Yang, vice dean of School of Electrical Engieering, XJTU.

In the evening, two sessions on “New Power System and Advanced Power Conversion Technology” and “Advanced Electrical Materials” were held online. Experts from Aalborg University, the University of Sydney, Waseda University, Nanyang Technological University, University of Southampton, Indian Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, etc. were invited to attend the sessions. The wonderful presentations and in-depth exchanges were highly evaluated by the participants.

The symposium is of great significance to serve the “one Belt and One Road” initiative and promote western development in the new era. It is also important to promote the international cooperation and exchanges between industry, research, application and education in personnel training, scientific research and transformation of achievements in the field of electrical engineering.